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Venecia Electric Panel Heater PKITZ 250x30x60

Venecia electric heater with mirror PKITZ 250 is a combination of a mirror and a ceramic heater.


Venecia Electric Panel Heater Description

Venecia electric heater with mirror PKITZ 250 is a combination of a mirror and a ceramic heater.

This kind of heater is specially designed for bathrooms. It is compact, safe in operation, and highly effective.

The temperature on the heater can be changed or completely turned off by a thermostat located on the heater.


Venecia Electric Panel Heater Specification

Venecia Electric Panel Heater ModelPKITZ 250
Product dimensions (width/height/depth), sm30х60х4
Weight, kg8
Wattage, W250
Maximum coverage area, square meters3 - 6
Panel thermostat (controls panal temperature from 30 to 90°С)yes, mechanical
Air thermostat (controls air temperature)no
Ram air inletyes, 1 unit
Power cordwith a plug
Number of heaters (heating plates)1
Venecia electric heater price, UAH1900

Why Venecia Electric Panel Heaters?

Venecia electric panel heaters are the perfect heaters for office and home. They consume very less electricity making it the most economical and 100% energy efficient heater for office or home. The Venecia heaters can be mounted to the wall thus occupying no space. It is safe to touch and the heat produced is gentle and silent. The Venecia panel heaters don't burn oxygen unlike other fan forced and radiant panel heaters.

We have the widest range of space heaters for our customers to choose depending on the place where they live and the application for which they want to use. Our rage is from 250 Watts to 1400 Watts (250,300, 350, 700, 750 and 1400 W).

Venecia electric panel heaters are eco friendly and economical for customers.

Easy installation. Venecia electric panel heaters are wall mounted. The standard installation kit is provided with every heater and it is a DIY installation. No need for obtaining permits and approvals.

Pet and Child Safe. Venecia electric panel heaters do not have any exposed heating elements. These heaters get hot when operated for a long time but they do not burn.

Easy maintenance. Venecia panel heaters do not need any maintenance. You may wipe off dust and dirt with a soft cloth to keep them clean.

Economical. Venecia panel heaters are cheaper than other heating systems but more efficient, you may bring down your costs drastically with our new range of heaters. Venecia heaters can last up to 30 years.

Wide Range. Venecioa heaters come in different watts. Choose the one that works best for you and place it where you need it the most.


Venecia Electric Heater Price: 1 900 UAH


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